Our mission
Facilitation of entering the international market for newest innovative technologies and devices. Faultless provision of forwarding services and radioactive logistics.
Our history
Lufracom GmbH is founded in Leipzig as a cargo
consolidator for charter flights.
Lufracom GmbH starts providing services in the field of Dangerous Goods Forwarding including Radioactive Isotopes Logistics.
The company office is relocated to Raunheim within easy reach of the main German transit airport – Frankfurt-on-Main.
Lufracom GmbH achieves position of an authorized dealer in several hi-tech, industrial and Radioactive Materials supply chains.
The company launches the "Innovation Bureau" Project dedicated to promote newest innovative technologies on international market.
Lufracom GmbH finishes the development and registration of the Ion Mobility Spectrometer VENATOR capable to detect trace quantities of low-volatile organic substances including explosives, drugs and toxic substances.
IMS VENATOR certification is finished, European selling starts.
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