Innovation bureau & Hi-Tech Supplier
From early 2010's LUFRACOM GmbH acts as a part of hi-tech
production supply chains and is in contact with a lot of manufacturers,
scientists and start-ups. Some inventions and technical solutions are
greatly underestimated due to lack of promotion and competent
marketing strategy.
LUFRACOM GmbH joins the most perspective projects and assists to
embody ideas into ready-to-sale solutions.
IMS Venator
Portable Ion Mobility Spectrometer VENATOR detects and identifies trace quantities of explosives, drugs, toxic chemicals and chemical warfare agents. The whole of technical characteristics and exceptional innovative features make the device the best in this field.
  • Rapid simultaneous detection of positive
    and negative ions
  • Extremely low operating cost
  • Custom language interface
  • Non-radioactive ionization source
    (Impulse Corona Discharge)
  • Updatable database, a wide range of detectable substances
  • Two batteries x 4 hours of continuous battery life each. Hot battery recharge "plug-n-play"
Main technical characteristics
ChemLab is a handheld portable liquid and powder Raman spectrometer providing law enforcement, military and security agencies a powerful, sensitive, low false-positive and low false-negative tool for detecting a wide-variety of explosive substances, chemical and biological threat agents.
ChemLab is a cost-effective, lightweight Bottled Liquid Scanner (BLS) that detects
hazardous substances in liquids or powder forms contained in glass and transparent or translucent plastics bottles or containers.
ChemLab can also provide emergency response personnel and forensic agencies with powerful, high sensitive detection of drugs and other illegal substances.
Wide range of identifiable substances (more than 15 000)
The world's first Raman analyzer capable of detecting and identifying ordinary water
Sample preparation or destruction is not required
Identification of hazardous biological agents
Zero cost of analysis
8 hours of continuous battery life
RS ChemLab
Main technical characteristics
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